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120-Year Old Tree Raze Creates Chaos in Vancouver

120-Year Old Tree Raze Creates Chaos in Vancouver

120-Year Old Tree Raze Creates Chaos in Vancouver
December 08
01:38 2014

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120-Year Old Tree Raze Creates Chaos in Vancouver

6712 Adera Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6P 5C1

The careless disposal of a 120-year old tree in a wealthy residential area of Vancouver known for large trees has caused a backlash from neighbours.  Global News reported that the large tree which sat in the front yard of a 1930s Cape Cod style home, which is currently on the market for $5.688-million, was removed leaving nothing else but an eyesore of a stump and several questions.

©Global News

©Global News

A bylaw dating back to 1996 had originally allowed owners of property to remove one healthy tree per year regardless of the reason, however Global reported that as of this April the City of Vancouver passed a new bylaw requiring homeowner’s to get a permit before removing any trees and that they must be diseased, dying, or hazardous in some way.  The home which will likely be torn down for new construction offers over 3,400 square feet with 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms on a 0.30-acre lot.  The agent of the listing told Global that a permit was approved and that an arborist deemed the tree dangerous.

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While it hasn’t been released as to why it was deemed dangerous, one resident told Global, “I would think if there was an arborist report, there would be something here indicating why it was taken down.”  It leaves one to wonder if it were removed for the sole reason of this being an investment property, and to maximum the useable building area of the lot which would increase its value.

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