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$2-Million Dollar Swimming Pool (VIDEO)

$2-Million Dollar Swimming Pool (VIDEO)

$2-Million Dollar Swimming Pool (VIDEO)
August 18
14:10 2014

$2-Million Dollar Swimming Pool (VIDEO)

Springville, Utah, United States

It’s called “The Mountain” and it’s likely one of the world’s most expensive private swimming pools.  The lavish backyard paradise was created for a couple in Springville, Utah and it was recently featured on Animal Planet’s The Pool Master.  “The Mountain” includes five waterfalls, a 300′ lazy river, a hidden grotto, two bridges, and hidden within the mountain is a full kitchen, and changing room with bathroom.  The pool spans 140′ long, about as long as four school busses end to end, and 60′ wide holding 360,000 gallons of water.  Are you a fan of scuba diving?  The owner’s built this pool with that in mind.  A secluded entry point inside the mountain a 54′ long x 5′ wide tunnel leads to the tunnel allowing you to plunge to a depth of 26′!  If you want a pool like this expect to pay a cool $2,000,000!



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