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Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes Are Out Of This World! (PHOTOS)

Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes Are Out Of This World! (PHOTOS)

Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes Are Out Of This World! (PHOTOS)
June 04
11:34 2015

The_World_Dubai_The_Floating_Seahorse_Underwater_Villa_mainDubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes Are Out Of This World!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Floating Seahorse has been designed and developed by leading European architects for the iconic island project, The Heart of Europe, which bring together the very best of European designs, heritage and entertainment.  There will be 42 Floating Seahorses, 35 which have been reportedly sold, located just offshore from St Petersburg and Main Europe Island which will be just a short boat ride from the coast of Dubai. Each ‘Floating Seahorse’ will offer three levels of living space, one underwater, one at sea level, and an upper deck.  The firm behind the project writes, “The master bedroom and bathroom will be totally submerged underwater and will command breathtaking views of the surrounding coral reef and marine life,” while the sea level living space will enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows, uninterrupted sea views, a full kitchen, dining area, living area, and a spacious sundeck.  The developers plan on creating an artificial coral reef under the development which will aim to protect the endangered seahorse while providing residents with incredible underwater views.  Scroll down to view a selection of breathtaking renderings.  To view the project click here.









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