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Real Estate isn’t the only insane thing in Vancouver, check out the FREE section on Craigslist

Real Estate isn’t the only insane thing in Vancouver, check out the FREE section on Craigslist

Real Estate isn’t the only insane thing in Vancouver, check out the FREE section on Craigslist
August 07
19:29 2014

00T0T_fWfX4SPZbGD_600x450Full Scale Cardboard Plane

In Abbotsford, BC, about 53 minutes from Vancouver, you can take home this one-of-a-kind project that will be sure to create a buzz in your neighbourhood.  It’s a full scale accurate abstraction of a Canadair CT-114 Tutor made entirely of cardboard!  The current owner created it over 10 months and it was displayed publicly several times this summer.  It weighs 500 lbs, but don’t worry it’s comprised of 12 interlocking pieces that fit through the average door.  This would be a the perfect addition to an airplane hangar or even a man cave.  The ad says it’s available as of August 8th and if there are no takers, it will be destroyed August 9th.  If you’re interested in taking this unique piece of art check out the ad here!

Mid-Century Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb you might be interested in taking this unique piece of classic Canadiana.  This Mid-Century greenhouse was hand-built in East Vancouver c. 1960 – according to the current owner.  It’s 10.5′ x 5.5′ with a 6.5′ – 7.0′ ceiling high.  The building features a sliding barn-style entry door, opening windows on each end, shelving, and unique dovetail style construction.  If you’re interested in adding this unique room to your home you better be ready to disassemble and remove it!  Check out the full ad here.

One Piece Sectional

Perfect for people who love sectional sofas but just don’t have the room.  This one piece sectional – yes you only get the center section – is said to be in good condition.  It’s unknown as to where the other sections are but for whichever reason they are not included!  See the full ad here.

Free Brand New Flip Flops

If you’re in the market for a new pair of flip flops for summer then look no further!  The ad says, “These do not work for me, so you can have them.”  The title says “brand new” but the photo begs to differ.  They were purchased from Target no more than 1 week ago and were worn for 2 days according to the ad.   If you’re size 10-11 and need “brand new” flip flops then you ought to jump on this deal!

Free Couch

This lovely free couch awaits a new owner in the free section of Craigslist.  The ad describes it as an, “Asian couch,” and also for free are random pieces of carpet. It’s unknown if you need to take everything.  See the couch here.

Another Free Couch

When it comes to Craigslist presentation is key, whether it be finding a buyer or somebody to take away your free trash.  The owner of this couch says, “Came from a smoke, pet, and stink free home. Has lots of life left in it.”  At the very least they could have cleared the couch, who knows what mysterious tears will be revealed beneath!  See the couch here.

00v0v_f8iT9w0cz4n_600x450 copy
“Poppy Peed On My Sofa!”

Free navy blue recliner in excellent condition…other than the wear on the seat.  It’s unknown what caused the wear/stain and we have no intentions of finding out.  Check out the recliner here.

Free…but Not Really

When scouring the Craigslist free section for some strange reason the odd item will pop up that actually isn’t free…but clearly should be.  This very unappealing office chair can be yours for $10 in North Vancouver. The ad says it’s very comfortable and that the current owner paid $60.  Want the chair?  Buy it here.







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