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The Dark Side of Apple

The Dark Side of Apple

February 08
14:09 2011

Steve Jobs Silicon Valley Mansion

Update: February 17, 2011
The Jackling House is officially torn down.  RIP Jackling House.


Update: February 15, 2011
Steve Jobs’ California Mansion has begun demolition.  Here’s what Jobs’ attorney, Howard Ellman, said, “He applied to demolish the house, we got the house demolition permit, and the demolition started today. What more can I say?”  I’m a huge Apple fan, but have lost a lot of respect for Mr. Jobs.  We lost another historic home today – which is next?


Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs has been trying to get permits to tear down his historic 1925 Spanish Colonial Revival Mansion located in Woodside, California for nearly a decade.  The Mansion was originally designed and built for mining magnate Daniel Cowan Jackling, and consists of over 17,000 Sq. Ft., a large Courtyard, Open-Air Balconies and even a built in Pipe Organ.  The house is said to have 30 rooms, 14 Bedrooms and 13 and a half Bathrooms.  Jobs purchased the home in 1984, lived in it for 10 years before renting it out.  It’s remained empty since 2000 and has slowly deteriorated due to lack of care & attention.  In 2004, Jobs received permission from the town of Woodside to demolish the Mansion in order to build a smaller contemporary one.  When news of this came out, local preservationists created a new group, “Uphold Our Heritage” whos goal was to save this historic residence.  They sued the town & Mr. Jobs, claiming both had ignored California Law which prohibited the demolition of cultural landmarks if there were reasonable, feasible ways to preserve the structures.

In January 2006, the Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner agreed with “Uphold Our Heritage” and instructed Jobs that he could not tear down the house.  In April 2007, Jobs’ attorney asked for an appeal, the Supreme Court of California refused to hear the appeal.  In 2008, Jobs submitted a renewed permit application with updated estimates which was granted by the Woodside Town Council a year later in May 2009, with the condition that he must allow the house to be disassembled and moved elsewhere.  Two nearly residents offered to dismantle the house and move it about two miles away.  Jason & Magalli Yoho planned to live in the mansion and open it to the public once a year, but they needed Jobs to contribute financially to the moving of the home.  On March 8, 2010, Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner upheld the Woodside Town Council’s 2009 decision that allowed Jobs to tear down the Mansion.  If an appeal was not filed before Jobs obtained a demolition permit, than demolition could proceed.  This decision angered the preservationist group “Uphold Our Heritage” and appealed the March court decision.  The appeal put an “automatic stay” on the issuance of demolition permits.

Fast forward to February 2011, it turns out the small town of Woodside, California is giving the Apple Inc. executive his long sought after permit to raze his Spanish Colonial Revival Mansion.  “We have been working with Mr. Jobs’s representatives for the last few months, and we are very close to the point where the permit will be physically issued at the end of this week or the beginning of next week,” Susan George, Woodside’s town manager, said last week.  The town issued a permit in 2009, but it has been held up as preservationists tried to fight it. Demolition could begin in the next month.” – Market Watch

All Photos by Jonathan Haeber



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