1834 Austin Perry House in Southport, Connecticut (PHOTOS)

godzilla1950 | Instagram

godzilla1950 | Instagram

1834 Austin Perry House in Southport, Connecticut

712 Harbor Road, Southport, Connecticut, United States

The Austin Perry house is a highly stylized classical Greek design of the 1830s. A symmetrical and balanced composition, the correctly detailed Doric cornice and bold proportions of the Corinthian order, and the carved anthemion motif ornamenting the gable pediment and delicate Adamesque window cornices create a stunning visual image which is representative of Southport’s unique beauty. Erected upon a flat, open site facing Mill River Harbor, the Perry residence is symbolic of the early nineteenth-century seaport economy which supported villagers’ wealth and cultivated their taste in fashionable residences. The Perrys were a prominent family in the community. According to Instagram user godzilla1950, “The home was built 1834 for Austin Perry, by his father, merchant & shipowner, Walter Perry. Walter, who owned the land, also built two other homes at 750 & 780 Harbor Rd for his other two sons as well.” Main photo by Instagram user godzilla1950. Information found on Picryl.

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