1870 Edward P. Balcomb Cottage in Salem, Massachusetts (PHOTOS)

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1870 Edward P. Balcomb Cottage in Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts, United States

Known as the Edward P. Balcomb Cottage, this 1,305 square foot home was built in 1870. It’s located at 4 Ocean Avenue in Salem, Massachusetts. “Strategically sited overlooking Salem Harbor, this quaint, visually appealing dwelling exhibits a remarkable collection of mid-Victorian eclectic stylistic features, considering its small size. Evidence of the Italianate and French Academic influences, so forcefully expressed in several larger Lafayette Street houses, is everywhere present. A hip-on mansard (concave) slate roof, pierced by segmental-arch dormers and capped by a square box cupola, rests atop the cubical building mass. The off-center front doorway is protected by a flat-topped modillioned canopy supported by curvilinear brackets with pendants. This doorway is counterbalanced by a front projecting bay and a lightly constructed side porch leading to a rear ell.” Information: Architecture In Salem – An Illustrated Guide written by Byrant F. Tolles Jr. with Carolyn K. Tolles. The residence portrayed Max and Dani’s family home in the 1993 film Hocus Pocus! See more homes from Hocus Pocus here.

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