1887 Hackley & Hume Mansions in Muskegon, Michigan (PHOTOS)

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1887 Hackley & Hume Mansions in Muskegon, Michigan

Webster Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan, United States

Thomas Hume (1848-1920) arrived in Muskegon from Ireland in 1870. In 1872, he joined Charles Hackley’s lumber firm as a bookkeeper. In 1881 Charles Hackley and Thomas Hume became partners in the very successful lumbering firm of Hackley and Hume. As the lumber business declined, both Hackley and Hume diversified into other manufacturing and financial interests. In 1887, Hackley purchased a series of lots on the corner of Webster and Sixth. He immediately sold one and one-half of these lots to Thomas Hume, and then constructed his own house on these lots. Hume engaged architect David S. Hopkins (who also designed Hackley’s house) to design his home. It was completed in 1888. The Hume family expanded the house after the turn of the century, adding a library, dining room and sleeping porch. Thomas Hume lived in this house until his death in 1920. In the early 1950s, the house was sold to a day care center, and in 1971 ownership was transferred to the Hackley Heritage Association. As of 2017, the Hackley and Hume houses have been professionally restored, and are open to the public as the “Hackley & Hume Historic Sites.” Information found on Hume House. Photos found on Lakeshore Museum.


Photo: aidyl211 | Instagram

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