1888 Philip E. Chappell House in Kansas City, Missouri (PHOTOS)

1888 Philip E. Chappell House in Kansas City, Missouri

1836 Pendleton Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, United States, 64124

“The three-storey, brick, limestone, and wood shingled Chappell House is an excellent example of the Queen Anne style of architecture in Kansas City. The single family detached dwelling, located at 1836 Pendleton, Kansas City, Jackson County, faces south along a residential street that runs east-west. The house presents an intact display of varied surface materials, pressed tin ornamentation, a complex roofline, irregular plan, and undulating wall planes. The building still expresses the irregular massing, variety of surface
textures, stained and leaded glass windows, projecting bays, massive chimneys, and the complex roofline characteristic of the Queen Anne style. Alterations include the replacement of the south wrap around porch’s wooden balustrade with brick circa 1950; the removal of the rear second story balconette; the enclosure of the northeast corner’s second story porch; the addition of a rear first story porch circa 1950; and, in 1987, the reconstruction, from a historic photograph, of the facade’s conical roof. A brick and limestone carriage barn located to the north of the house was altered after a fire and no longer reflects the period or area of significance of the house; it is counted as non-contributing. The dwelling and carriage barn are sited in a residential neighborhood built primarily between 1890 and 1910. The Chappell House retains integrity of design, materials, workmanship, and location. The houses to the east, west, and south exhibit alterations to the rooflines, fenestration, and to the original siding.” – National Register of Historic Places. Cover photo found on Northeast News.


Pendleton Ave_2

Pendleton Avenue


MARELBU | Wikimedia Commons
MARELBU | Wikimedia Commons

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