18th Century Pavillon de Louveciennes Lists in France (PHOTOS)

18th Century Pavillon de Louveciennes Lists in France

POA | Built c.1771 | 14,585 Sq. Ft. | 14 Acres
Louveciennes, France

Pavillon de Louveciennes, a magnificent historic music pavilion with a history dating to the 18th century is available for purchase in Louveciennes, France. The 14,585 square foot structure sits on a lush 14 acre estate with formal English gardens and expansive 4,300 square foot terrace with views over the Seine River to La Défense and Le Mont  Valérien. The pavilion was built for Madame du Barry, who requested the structure to have a view of the Seine River and sufficient reception space for her guests. Madame du Barry commissioned architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux, thirty-four years old at the time, to design the structure in 1770. Construction finished in 1771 and an inauguration took place on September 2, 1771. François Coty acquired the building in 1923 from Louis Loucheur and it traded hands again in 1959 when the American School of Paris purchased it. In the 1980s, Japanese heiress, Nakahara Kiiko, and her husband illegally purchased the property through her family’s company. The pair sold all the furniture and left the building abandoned. It wasn’t until 1994 when it was purchased by a French investor who carefully restored it. The property also includes the 2,900 square foot Pavillon d’Accueil including two apartments, a 667 square foot accommodation in the former stud farm and two 419 square foot garages. The ground floor of Pavillon de Louveciennes comprises of an entrance, four reception rooms, a living room and two boudoirs. There are also meeting & study rooms, a bathroom, cellars and store rooms. This one-of-a-kind property is available for purchase through Sotheby’s International Realty.

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