2.79-Acre Holladay, UT Estate Includes Recording Studio & Bowling Lanes for $7.4-Million (PHOTOS)

photo_17931891-1500x1000 2.79-Acre Holladay, UT Estate Includes Recording Studio & Bowling Lanes for $7.4-Million

2551 Brentwood Drive, HolladayUtahUnited States, 84121

This magnificent estate is located on 2.79 stunning acres full of artistic features that is impeccably manicured with mature trees, synthetic grass (that is always green and never thirsty) and a trickling stream and soothing pond. As you enter the gates the sophisticated and bold lines of the modern architecture captivate your mind and imagination. The grand entry gently pulls your eye through the custom doors past the glass wall and out to the cascading waterfall that perfectly frames the Wasatch Mountain views. The common areas on the main floor are ideal for entertaining. The custom, refined finishes are too many to name and must be seen to understand the level of detail and care that went into the home. The master suite provides the perfect pairing of opulence and comfort with multiple areas for sitting to enjoy the views and grounds of the estate. When you need to release a little stress, head to the lower level to bowl or workout in the gym. This home is unlike anything in the area and is an opportunity that should not be missed. It is listed at $7,400,000 with Sotheby’s International Realty.

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