329 Bedroom Mansion listed in UK

GetRes329 Bedroom Mansion listed in UK

Hampshire, United Kingdom

A sprawling estate with 329 bedrooms has just been listed in Hampshire, United Kingdom reports The Telegraph.  The mansion, known as Bramshill House, has been used by the government since the early 50s.  The listing on Knight Frank notes that there is 208,444 square feet of training & office space, 75,570 square feet of study bedroom accommodation, 46,506 square feet of residential accommodation, and 27,284 square feet of ancillary accommodation.  The mansion was built in the early 1600s and includes 15 of the 329 bedrooms.  It is situated on a historic 262 acre parkland setting.  Other features include formal gardens, walled kitchen gardens, deer park, woodlands, sports pitches, tennis courts, a lake, and parking for 650 vehicles.  The entire estate has reportedly been listed at £25 million, with year upkeep coming in at £5 million. To see the full listing click here.



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