4 More Closets to Rent in Vancouver, BC

$570/Month / Downtown Vancouver

For $570/Month you can rent this den in the Spectrum building which is described as being, “Bigger than the typical den you see in Downtown.”  As a bonus the owner of the condo lives in the living room.

$500/Month / Downtown Vancouver

For $500/Month you can rent this quaint den on 58 Keefer Place in Vancouver, BC.  Internet, hydro, rice, basic seasonings, and every sauce is included with your monthly rent.  The ad also says the prison cell is “furnitured.”

$450/Month / Vancouver

For $450/Month you can get rent this den complete with hardwood flooring and a very comfortable looking mattress.  The ad says girls only, rent includes internet, hydro, laundry, and that the room is not private.

$350/Month / Kitsilano, Vancouver

You can rent this 5’10” x 6’11.5″ den with no window in the ritzy Kitsilano area of Vancouver for $350/Month.  Utilities are free.  Common areas include a kitchen, living room, dining room, and a full bathroom which is shared by all those living in the apartment.

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