5 ‘For Sale by Owner’ Photos from HELL

3E13J83Hb5Gb5Kb5Hcd3j03bcc01836de189b“DO NOT DISTURB TENANTS” – $1,150,000

Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia

It looks like the owners took their own advice and decided not to ask their tenant to clean up a bit.  Besides who needs to clean up when the property is listed at lot value?

3E63G13Ie5L75G75M2d24153d46d8e9831024“for saleby owner no realty” – $5,890,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

This is exactly why people should be hiring reputable agents to list their homes.  Not only did the owner of this sideways house list it with 1 too many zeros, but they’re also seriously lacking in the photo & description department.  The listing reads, “two level houes three bedroom two washrooms four bedroom basement one full ashroom and 1/2 wash room call.”  I’d like to know what a full ashroom is, sounds so interesting. #FAIL.

3Ib3J13N55Ld5I85Hdd2438845141d7921324 Desk, Ironing Board, & Fake Plant – $5,890,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

A picture is worth a thousands words.  In this case there are only five that come to mind.  Desk, ironing board, and fake plant.  Yes this is the same house as the above photo ^.

3E83N23p45G85K25F5d32aae8359922501eec“Vacation Style” – $1,880,000

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Described as a “Vacation style 3-floor house” located in a “blueberry farm area.”  Personally I’ve never vacationed in a blueberry field…but that’s just me.  Based on this picture alone there are a number of things that could be going on.  1. The owners are smoking inside the house.  2.  Somebody burnt dinner.  or 3.  We have a case of paranormal activity.  Regardless of what this white haze is, this is no $1.88 million kitchen.  The description also says that, “All furniture might be included.” I guess it depends on what mood the sellers are in the day you purchase it.

23940318-2“Luxury Waterfront Home” – $910,000

Sudden Valley, Washington, United States

Why would anybody choose this picture to showcase their beautiful waterfront on Lake Whatcom?  The description says the large deck looks out directly onto Lake Whatcom, and since this is the only view picture they’ve uploaded one can only assume this is the view you’ll see all the time. #NosyNeighbours

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