Abandoned Victorian Dramatically Restored in Rarden, OH (PHOTOS)


Abandoned Victorian Dramatically Restored in Rarden, OH

Rarden, Ohio, United States

If you’ve ever driven through the small village of Rarden, Ohio then there is a good chance you’ve passed by this unique Victorian home on West Main Street. It was built in 1900 by Lafayette Taylor who made his fortune mining sandstone and milling lumber in the Rarden area. Leon Reed captured the home in April 1973 when it was in a derelict state with boarded up windows, a failing porch roof and an overall spooky look. Despite sitting abandoned for several years, the home still retained many of the original architectural elements awaiting an ambitious soul to come in and restore her back to her grandeur. Eventually, an enthusiastic owner managed to bring back what was once lost! Flickr user, Picsnapper1212, captured the above image stating that the house had been restored and renovated several times and that in 2013 it appeared to be deteriorating again. Emily W. sent us an email in early-October with a few photos attached showing the current condition. The pictures were posted to one of our Facebook posts by Melanie S.

Harry photographs abandoned house in Rarden, OH, 1973

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