Alternative Living: 7 Closets You Can Rent in Vancouver, B.C. From $600/Month (PHOTOS)

Alternative Living: 7 Closets You Can Rent in Vancouver, B.C. From $600/Month

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

While owning in Vancouver, B.C. might be out of reach for 99% of the residents and even renting can cost you an arm and a leg, some Vancouverites are doing the unthinkable and moving into closets. Believe it or not but there is actually a sizeable market for these less than spacious, somewhat dingy & dark fire traps. If you’re desperate for somewhere to live and don’t have a problem paying between $600 – $910 CAD per month for a windowless closet (some with shelving & brackets still in intact), then scroll down and take a peek at what’s available!

$600/month – “Downtown condo den for rent.” Downtown Vancouver
$700/month – “The room available is originally a den but furnished to be an additional small room.” Seymour at Robson, Vancouver
$799/month – “Please note that this is a tiny room only right for a single person who does not have lots of luggage, and mainly needs a place to sleep.” Richards at Helmcken, Vancouver
$800/month – “Den available for rent, with single size bed, and wardrobe outside room.” 1200 W Georgia Street, Vancouver
$888/month – “Currently offering a centrally located private den.” 116 Alberni Street, Vancouver
$900/month – “Important: the room available is a den that comes furnished with a single bed, dresser and small tv.” Pacific at Richards, Vancouver
$910/month – “We are hoping to find students or internship participants or working holiday visa holders.” 788 Jervis Street, Vancouver