April 1, 2010 – PriceyPads.com Update


Well today is April 1, 2010 which means PriceyPads has been up and running for 2 Full Months! ¬†Time flies when your day dreaming about Mansions, Cars and how Money isn’t a problem anymore. ¬†Key Word: Day Dreaming

I’m very ¬†happy with the way the site has turned out and I’m glad I have several return visitors! ¬†Thank you! ¬†It’s seem hard to believe that my original ‘Blog Site’ started with: Luxury Estates which is¬†definitely¬†not up to par with PriceyPads. ¬†I think the most memorable moment so far is how the ‘Fish Monster’ got¬†feisty¬†and¬†threatened¬†to sue me!

Now onto the Mansions & Estates. ¬†What exactly comes to mind when you hear Mansion or Estate? ¬†Is it the Price? Size? Location? or is it based on what¬†Amenities¬†it has? ¬†A Mansion to me is a large stately Masterpiece that is very ‘rich’ looking and costs well over $1 Mil. ¬†An Estate however, I think of a LARGE property, several outbuildings & Guest Homes, many many¬†amenities¬†and unique features & usually in the price range of $12 Mil – $16 Mil. ¬†What do you think?

If you were in the market of a MEGA MANSION – which items would you most want?
– Bowling Alley
– Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool
– Home Theatre
– 5000+ Wine Cellar
– Underground Parking
– Helipad
– Giant Outdoor Chess Set
– 2,000 Sq. Ft.+ Master Suite

Thank you again for visiting PriceyPads, I’m trying my best to do at least one post a day or more. ¬†Check back frequently for several more houses & new features! ¬†NOW COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!!!!

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