Delray Beach, FL Mansion Destroyed in Bad Boys 2 Film (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Delray Beach, FL Mansion Destroyed in Bad Boys 2 Film

Delray Beach, Florida, United States

Once owned by Coca-Cola heir Michael Bird and his wife, Bonnie, this 38,000 square foot Mediterranean estate remained unfinished for a number of years. The estate, originally designed by Mark Timothy, sat on 2.4 acres with 360 feet of oceanfront and was located at 1105 S. Ocean Boulevard, Delray Beach, Florida. It was later purchased by Mark Pulte, a Boca Raton spec-home builder who reportedly paid $16.5 million for the grand estate. His initial intention was to tear down the mansion and subdivide the lot into 3 parcels with smaller homes on them. He decided to put out an advertisement in Variety seeking a company looking to destroy a mansion while making a movie or music video – this is when director of Bad Boys 2, Michael Bay, found his new film set. While the film crews wouldn’t literally destroy the house to rubble, it would still be damaged extensively. They spent a month replacing parts of the building with fake walls, lightweight windows and other facades for a controlled fire that would look like a true explosion on film.

The explosion and the movie were both a success. The mansion was also not the only area that was off limits to public during filming. Several roads in the area were completely closed and guarded and even the ocean was closed with Coast Guard patrolling an area 600 yards out from the shore and 800 yards north and south of the filming scene. All we have now are the gorgeous screen caps from ‘Bad Boys 2’ and a single image of the front of the estate from Mark Timothy’s website site. Owner of the property, Mark Pulte, had already sold two of the three lots before the mansion had even been demolished. The two 120 foot oceanfront lots sold for a combined $10.7 million to two separate buyers. Now, all three lots are fully developed with no trace of the former mega mansion. Two of the three new ‘smaller’ mansions are currently listed for sale.

1103 S. Ocean Boulevard – Also built by Mark Timothy, the new estate consists of 20,511 square feet and is currently listed at $19.95 Million.
1107 S. Ocean Boulevard – This property was started by an unknown architect then finished by Mark Timothy. It includes 20,637 square feet.
1111 S. Ocean Boulevard – This property was designed by Randall Stofft and built by Terence Cudmore. It consists of 21,485 square feet and is currently listed at $23.95 Million.

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