Bad Listing Photos – Week 1

f1301352_1“Cozy 3-Bedroom” – $998,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Listed at nearly $1 million dollars, this 1,400 square foot home is said to have three cozy bedrooms.  The listing agent decided posting one blurry interior shot would be enough to get buyers in.

F1300610_6“Cluttered” – $839,999

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

It’s unknown if the agent who took this photo even bothered asking the owner to tidy up, regardless, this is unacceptable for any home listed for sale, especially one priced at $839,999.

f1222478_1“Front Row Parking” – $688,599

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

What better way to add some curb appeal to your house than parking a Mazda 3 with no plates on the front lawn.

f1223992_4“It’s Alive!” – $528,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

 We can assume two things about the owners of this home.  They love the jungle, and they are athletic.

Photos“House + Kid” – $734,777

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The only thing worse than taking a picture through a window screen, is taking a picture of somebody else’s kid in a swimming pool through a window screen.  This is an absolute no-no for a listing photo.

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