Bad Listing Photos – Week 4

6ff23439f5ebf30534c286d41f801d5a“Full Price, Half the House” – $519,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

There is just no excuse for this.  There was either an error while downloading the image from the camera, or while uploading it to MLS.  If this was my house I’d be seeking a new agent.

856a0238dd63660acba293f0b122d070“Motion Sickness” – $534,900

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

By the looks of it this house is pretty nice.  It’s been fully renovated and features nice dark hardwood flooring.  The rest of the photos aren’t horrible so it’s strange that this one snuck in.  Blurry photos are never good and are always a turn off.

260046304-9“Who needs a stove when you have two fridges?” – $539,800

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Technically this isn’t a bad listing photo since there is nothing the agent could have done about it, but what is the deal with the two refrigerators?

8601d11ce799f0dfc97bb994f046405f“Pitch Black” – $549,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The next four photos are from the same listing.  First the agent thought taking a photo at night with a very weak flash would be sufficient.  As you can see this is not the case.


There’s really no explanation for this one.  How & why was this uploaded to the listing?  It’s a blank white square, clearly the person uploading the images wasn’t paying attention.


Showing closeups of flooring is very common, however you should only do this if you also show a photo of the entire room.  This is the only photo of what I’m assuming is the living room.


If the empty room above wasn’t a red flag, this photo will confirm what you’re thinking.  This house is unoccupied.  Nothing like a dining table full of newspapers.

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