Bad Listing Photos – Week 5

f1224818_3“Farmhouse” – $699,900

Farmhouse or not – the horse needs to go.  This first thing you see when you walk into a $700K house shouldn’t be a 3′ horse.

F1225273-9“Outdoor Living” – $615,000

Outdoor living areas typically add value to your home.  In this case the only thing this space will add to your home is a little mold.  Indoor couches should never find their way outside – especially in a listing photo.

F1217602-7“All Quality Work” – $679,000

There are three things wrong with this photo, can you spot them all?  1. It’s crooked.  2. The space is dirty.  3. The smoke detector is blocked.  “All quality work?”  I think not

F1209145_9“Custom Build” – $634,900

This is just 1 of 10 bad listing photos for this particular house.  The agent must be confused.  The only time you should be taking a picture of a street sign is on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

F1304831-7788-144A-9“Beautiful House” – $689,000

Don’t you just love a beautiful bathroom.  The agent says this 4,464 square foot home is listed $20,000 under the city assessment.  Let’s hope his commission will be reduced by $20,000 due to his poor photos.

f1300049_2“Private Backyard plus Storage Shed” – $669,900

So let me get this straight, the listing says the back is private plus it has a storage shed.  Something must be wrong here.  Why are all the decks and the lower patio covered in crap?

9826374a71abe2527b4c201eb6d13a9e“Extremely Well Kept” – $668,000

You learn something everyday.  Apparently “Extremely Well Kept” includes having an old box spring, a tv stand, and other knick knacks hanging around your backyard.


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