Bad Listing Photos – Week 7

F1307069-3“Very Well Kept Custom Home” – $775,000

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

This nearly 4,000 square foot home includes 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a spice kitchen, rec room, and a wet bar.  By the looks of the listing photos the agent got into the wet bar before photographing this residence.  See the other photos here.

Royal Flush – $500,000

Los Angeles, California, United States

One of the selling features of this $500,000 house is the beautiful toilet above.  You’ve just flushed your sale down the drain. Also I like the toilet roll on the toilet brush handle.

Stainless Steel – $500,000

Los Angeles, California, United States

Sometimes bigger isn’t better.  This quaint kitchen includes a stove…and that’s about it.  The agent only uploaded this one photo of the kitchen.  The listing lacks a description but does make a note of saying that the laundry is in the kitchen.

Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Do Your Share – $499,000

Los Angeles, California, United States

Whoever lives in this room clearly didn’t get the memo as to when the home was being photographed.

l00672944-w16xRubber Ducky – $850,000

Weston, Florida, United States

For some reason that rubber ducky is more distracting than it should be.