British Columbia’s Most Expensive Residence

AerialBritish Columbia’s Most Expensive Residence

4707 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Belmont Avenue is pegged with mammoth estate homes but nothing compares to what sits at 4707.  Labeled as the most expensive residence in British Columbia by BC Assessment, 4707 consists of an expansive 25,000 square foot mansion on 1.7-acres valued at $39,269,000.  The residence is said to include 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a 13,000 square foot lap pool, and a 4,700 square foot squash court.  There is said to be nearly 45,000 square feet of developed space, which took six years to complete.  The current owners purchased the lot in 2005 for $8.7 million cash.  The Vancouver Sun reported that renowned Architect Russell Hollingsworth designed and built the mansion for the owner, who is reportedly from Ontario.  It’s unknown who owns the property.  To see all of B.C.’s top properties click here.


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