c.1883 ‘Albert Steves Homestead’ Yours For $1.95-Million (PHOTOS)

TX8A9908_09_10-W-2048x1140 c.1883 ‘Albert Steves Homestead’ Yours For $1.95-Million [Off the Market]

504 King William, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78204

Off the Market In a city full of rich history, The King William Historic District is one of the few places in San Antonio, Texas where you can feel like you’ve truly stepped back in time. Step inside this opulent c.1883 residence and prepare to fall in love. Designed by Alfred Giles, prominent San Antonio architect originally from London England, this spectacular residence was commissioned by Edward Steves as a wedding gift for his son, Albert Steves. In 1876, Edward Steves, German immigrant and founder of the Steves Lumber Company, built his homestead at 509 King William, just 7 years later he built this home for his son right across the street at 504 King William. This Neo Classical Revival home was constructed on a large and heavily treed corner lot, and in 1900 was heavily remodeled and doubled in size. The current owners have taken incredible care to ensure that the Albert Steves house has been meticulously maintained. They’ve done an amazing job of keeping it period-correct, yet at the same time offering all the conveniences of the modern world. It’s rare to find a property that offers the best of both worlds as this one does. The Woman’s Parlor is flanked by three curved windows that measure over 8-feet tall and accentuates the views and street life of this amazing community. In 2010, LED lighting was added to provide white, dimmable light between two pairs of fluted Corinthian columns. 10-foot pocket parlor doors lead to the Music Parlor and can be opened to create one large entertaining space. The Music Parlor was designed to enhance sound with angular walls, a technique still used today in recording studios. The flooring in this room is made in the tradition of French marquetry; several species of wood are inlaid over another hardwood flooring substrate. Here Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Poplar and Walnut are brought together masterfully.  The Dining Room is perhaps the most ornate and stately room in the house – and possibly in the entire King William District. It’s graced with a carved wood centerpiece and flanking coffered ceiling, bordered with inlaid mahogany and oak. The Library/Men’s Parlor is where the men would retreat to discuss business, political and economic issues of the day. Noticeably darker and more masculine than all the other formal rooms, the linear and simple design stands in contrast to the lighter curvilinear layout of the Woman’s Parlor. The City’s Zoo, Brackenridge Park, Witte Museum, and Beethoven Music Hall were all hatched in this room by Albert Steves and fellow philanthropists. The Kitchen and Family Room are located towards the rear of the house and have been updated. over the past century with changing circumstances. The second floor offers four wonderfully large bedrooms and three nicely updated bathrooms. Located off of the master suite is a private reading room/master living with abundant natural light. For $1,950,000 you can be the proud new owner of this incomparable architectural masterpiece. It’s listed with Crawford Luxury

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