c.1885 Lucien Moore House Rebuilt in Detroit’s Brush Park (PHOTOS)

c.1885 Lucien Moore House Rebuilt in Detroit’s Brush Park

104 Edmund Place, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Another burnt out, semi-collapsed brick mansion in Detroit’s Brush Park has been saved from demolition and repurposed for a new use. It was built c.1885 for lumber baron Lucien Moore. Just like the other Brush Park mansions we’ve posted, this one was boarded up, overgrown and fully open to the elements. Some architectural details were rebuilt slightly different than the original design, see the before and after photos below to compare. It was converted into apartments, six in the house and three more inside the carriage houses. Following the rebuild, the property was put on the market for $3,300,000. According to a 2016 article in Detroit Free Press, the property, co-owned by attorney Michael VanOverbeke, was purchased out of receivership in 2011 for $275,000. Previous owners had repaired the exterior while VanOverbeke finished incomplete interior work. It’s unknown if the complete house ever sold for $3,300,000 but we found an individual units in the mansion currently listed for $549,000 and $399,000.


A series of photos found on 1889 Victorian Restoration



Lucien Moore Residence - Brush Park - Detroit, MI




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