c.1890 Victorian Mansion From ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Sells For $6.5-Million (PHOTOS)

c.1890 Victorian Mansion From ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Sells For $6.5-Million

357 Lorraine Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90020

Update November 2016: SOLD For $6.5-million Head south of the border and you might be shocked at what you can buy for the same price as a teardown in the concrete jungle known as Vancouver, BC, a place where closets can go for as much as $750/month! Take this commanding c.1890 Victorian for example. It was originally built in c.1890 by Isaac Newton Van Nuys and was moved to its current location in Hancock Park by his son J. Benton Van Nuys in 1915. With a little over 12,500 square feet, this grand old Victorian is one of the largest in the area and standing three stories tall it provides some eye catching curb appeal. It came on the market in April of this year for $8.195-million before dropping to $7.696-million in early June. The last time the home was available was nearly 20 years ago when it sold for just $1.3-million. If it looks familiar it may be because you recognize it as the Baker family home in the 2003 comedy ‘Cheaper By The Dozen.’ The crew filmed on location capturing some beautiful exterior shots, while it appears all the interior shots were either filmed on a sound stage or in a different home. The real home includes a variety of beautiful large-scale formal rooms including a living room with intricate wood detailing, a dining room with linen-fold paneling and leaded & stained glass windows, and a hidden bar room with hand-carved walls and a secret door leading outside. The third floor is perfect for entertaining complete with stage and original footlights and space for all kinds of table games. There are a total of 11 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms throughout the main house, and an additional 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom in the carriage house. A lot of bang for your buck for $7.696-million. It’s listed with Coldwell Banker

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