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‘Casa Bellamini’ – A Lavish 8,600 Sq. Ft. Manor On Turtle Creek Yours For $8.9-Million (PHOTOS)

‘Casa Bellamini’ – A Lavish 8,600 Sq. Ft. Manor On Turtle Creek Yours For $8.9-Million (PHOTOS)

‘Casa Bellamini’ – A Lavish 8,600 Sq. Ft. Manor On Turtle Creek Yours For $8.9-Million (PHOTOS)
August 18
13:03 2016

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(4) ‘Casa Bellamini’ – A Lavish 8,600 Sq. Ft. Manor On Turtle Creek Yours For $8.9-Million

3816 Turtle Creek Drive, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75219

It’s been showcased numerous times on television including ABC’s ‘The Deep End’ & HGTV’s ‘Million Dollar Rooms’, and you may recognize it from publications such as Power House and D Magazine. It was built in 2008 by architect Cole Smith for co-founder of Power Properties, Braden Power, at a cost of close to $13-million. The 8,600 square foot spanish-styled residence sits on a large 0.77-acre property complete with rolling lawns, an outdoor swimming pool, and access to Turtle Creek. There are a total of 4 bedrooms & 6 bathroom throughout, including a lavish master suite with one-of-a-kind ensuite with spa overlooking the Central Park-like view. One of the home’s most notable features is the chic indoor saltwater pool right in the home’s two-storey entrance, it is highlighted with a custom chandelier, and stone fireplace mantle. The property sold in 2011 to Lee Bailey, who has now listed it for $8.9-million. It also made news in 2011 when neighbours were fed up with it being used for extravagant events with hundreds of guests. It’s on the market for $8.9-million with Keller Williams

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(5) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(6) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(7) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(8) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(9) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(10)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(11) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(12) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(13) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(14)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(16) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(17) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(18)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(21) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(20)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(34) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(35) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(22)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(25) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(27)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(37) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(36)

3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(38)-1 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(39) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(30) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(31) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(54) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(53) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(52) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(45) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(51) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(48) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(42) 3816+Turtle+Creek+Drive+Dallas+Texas+75219+(44)

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