Casa de Shenandoah listed for $70 Million

imagereaderCasa de Shenandoah listed for $70 Million

6629 S Pecos Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, 89120

Wayne Newton’s former Casa de Shenandoah ranch has just been relisted at a ridiculous $70 million.  The 36.12 acre estate includes a variety of buildings including the main house, seven additional homes, 37 stables with an office, 16 stables with an office & tack room, equestrian pool, acres of corrals, and a car museum with 7 double doors.  The listing also notes that there is a “Jumbo Jet terminal for entertaining”…that’s a first.  The new owner has reportedly invested in excess of $15 – $20 million according to the ad.  Other features include a gaming room, a zoo, and tennis court.


 The property was sold to a developer in 2010 for $19.5 million with the agreement that would allow the Newton’s to reside elsewhere on the sprawling estate.  The company, CSC LLC, who purchased the estate was originally going to transform it into a Wayne Newton museum – but that all fell through.  Curbed notes that Newton settled for an undisclosed sum and left the estate.  The unique landmark property is now available to anybody willing to shell out $70 million bucks to call it home – that’s only $15 million less than what the gorgeous Spelling Manor sold for!  To see the full listing click here.