Dean Gardens: A Dream Come True

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Dean Gardens is like nothing else in the world.  I’ve known about the property since early 2003 and have been obsessed with it ever since.  There were limited pictures of the property at the time, and yes I will admit some of the rooms didn’t match my taste…but let me tell you….being there is person is a whole other story!  I instantly fell in love with every single room & area of the house.  No pictures, no videos, no words can describe how beautiful, grand and amazing Dean Gardens truly is.  No matter what area of the home you’re in whether it be the Grand Salon, Egyptian Suite or the Peacock Room there is going to be something that makes you say ‘Wow!’  I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday, August 21st, 2010 Estate Sale at the home and had the opportunity to chat with Larry Dean (owner of Dean Gardens).

To my surprise the following night I was contacted by the Dean Family inviting me back to the Estate for a private tour – I can’t explain how excited and shocked I was.  Pulling up to the gates and hitting the call button was the icing on the cake.  The massive gates then opened and we were on our way down the long windy driveway to Dean Gardens.  Getting a private tour made the home so much more amazing…learning things with every room you step into.  I was extremely fortunate to meet Christopher Dean, he designed the interiors of Dean Gardens at the young age of only 21.  Christoper is my idol, he undertook such an amazing task at such a young age.  I’ve been interested in design, architecture & real estate from a young age and since meeting Christopher & touring Dean Gardens it’s really motivated me!  I’m his #1 Fan!

Normally in a house of this size you would expect it to feel ‘hoity toity,’ don’t get me wrong the home has a very elegant feel but it also has the most important thing of all…the feeling of a home.  Even though each room is large in size the spaces feel very intimate and very livable – the perfect combination.  I can’t say there are ANY rooms I disliked – but my favourite ‘Suites’ in the home have to be the ‘Silver Suite’ and the ‘French Suite.’  The Silver Suite is probably the most unique room in the home…according to me.  It offers a separate ‘Sitting Room’, private balcony and even though it has one of the smallest Bathrooms in the home it feels the largest!  Silver guilding, padded walls and a hand painted ‘rug’ on the hardwood flooring are a few of the unique touches of this Suite.

The French Suite is one of the rooms I wasn’t crazy about when all I had to look at were the Realtors pictures….however as soon as I walked into the room I knew right away it was a favourite.  The size alone of the Suite & Bathroom are incredible and the detail in this room is incomparable.  This is one room that would truly make you feel like a King or Queen.

While at Dean Gardens I took over 1,000 Photos…..yes that’s over 4GB of pictures.  Totally worth it and I could take 20,000 more.  There are so many interesting areas of the home waiting to be photographed!  As some of you may not know…like myself….that Atlanta is quite hot!  I tried my best to keep cool while touring the Gardens, Wedding Chapel, Amphitheatre, Pool Area & Conservatory.  I’m pleased with the photos I got of these areas.  Walking around the grounds of the home felt like you were honestly in another country with nothing else near you….I can understand why Tyler Perry loved them so much.  Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful but they are extremely private.  I could honestly go on and on and on and on about how much I loved Dean Gardens and how beautiful it is….and trust me I will have future posts about the property!

Thank you so much to Christopher & Larry Dean for the most amazing time of my life.  It was a privilege to meet the both of you and I hope to see you when you visit Vancouver!  I greatly appreciate your kindness in allowing me a private tour of the property, it really made a dream of mine come true!  I really can’t express how excited I am that I got to see my DREAM HOUSE before it’s knocked down.  If anybody would like a specific picture of any part of the house, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll post it!


The home has been on the market for nearly 17 years starting around $40 Million and dropping to $13.9 in more recent years.  Tyler Perry purchased the home for around $7.6 Million and since it’s not his style he is tearing it down.  The acreage Dean Gardens is set on is EXTREMELY valuable as it rests against the Chattahoochee River.  Tyler plans to level the home but keeping other structures on the property like the Amphitheater and of course the gardens.  It’s sad that such a beautiful home could be demolished…all the time and effort that went into designing & making this dream come true gone to waste!

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VERY COOL Feature About the Building of the Home

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