eleMMent Palazzo Mobile Home – $3,000,000

eleMMent Palazzo Mobile Home

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to luxury vehicles and luxury homes – but what about luxury RVs?  The 40′ eleMMent Palazzo designed by Austrian company Marchi takes the cake big time.  Designed to serve as your mansion away from the mansion, the Palazzo offers features such as automatic boarding stairs, an operational fireplace and rooftop flybridge.  Inside you’ll see things you’d never expect to see in an RV.  A very large, impressive master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom is one of the main highlights.  There is a leather interior, rainfall shower, 40″ TVs, lounge and driver’s cab complete with bunk bed.  On the road the RV is approx. 430 square feet, however when setup for overnight the space expands to 774 square feet.  The 20-ton Palazzo can reach speeds up to 93 miles per hour, and uses 20% less fuel than vehicles of comparable size due to its aerodynamic design.  Unlike any other RV on the road, the Palazzo’s exterior is covered in glow in the dark paint, great for locating your campsite!  The designers at Marchi Mobile say Palazzo is completely customizable…so what’s stopping you?


Price: $3,000,000
Size: 430 Sq. Ft. (774 Sq. Ft. when in camper mode)
Bedrooms: n/a
Bathrooms: n/a
Speciality Items: Goes 93 Miles/Hour, Weights 20 Tons, Glow in the Dark Exterior, Weights 20 Tons, Uses 20% Less Fuel than Vehicles of Similar Size.
Address: Anywhere you like!

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