Former Pizza Hut Entrepreneur’s 50,000 Sq. Ft. Fort Wayne, IN Mansion for $30M (PHOTOS)

Former Pizza Hut Entrepreneur’s 50,000 Sq. Ft. Fort Wayne, IN Mansion for $30M

5501 W Hamilton Road S, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, 46814

Few families would be able to fill this 50,000 square foot mansion in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but if you’re up to the challenge and have $30,000,000 sitting around then you’re welcome to give it a try. It’s the former home of successful franchise entrepreneur Dick Freeland, who built the palatial residence with his wife, Deanna, in 1997. Freeland, who passed in October of 2013, made his fortune in the franchise world and at his peak owned forty-four Pizza Huts and three Kentucky Fried Chickens with 2,100 employees. “Built by craftsmen equivalent to those employed by the Astors or Vanderbilts, this stone mansion has all the elegance and grandeur of a bygone era,” noted listing agent Marilyn Hoffman. Every square foot, inside & out, is finished with exceptional building materials and intricate detail. The interiors include elegant wood paneling in the banquet-sized formal dining hall, a warm & inviting chef’s kitchen with restaurant grade appliances, impressive formal living rooms with extensive mouldings & crystal chandeliers, a breathtaking conservatory right off the pages of Architectural Digest, and 16 fireplaces strategically placed throughout the home. The mansion rises four stories with a total of 16 bedrooms and 28 bathrooms which can be accessed via numerous formal staircases or by your choice of two elevators. Sitting on an impressive 50 acre manicured estate, the property is complete with a state-of-the-art 6,720 square foot equestrian facility, meticulous landscaping, extensive gardens, a private 7 acre lake, ponds, as well as an additional 8,000 square foot home, and two other separate homes. It’s suggested to have cost $35,000,000 to construct in 1997, and today it can be yours for $30,000,000. It’s listed with Marilyn Hoffman.




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