Geneva Lake Shingle Style Retreat by Wade Weissmann Architecture (PHOTOS)

Geneva Lake Shingle Style Retreat by Wade Weissmann Architecture

Geneva Lake, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States

Described as a whimsical, East Coast inspired, shingle style residence by architect Wade Weissmann, this impressive lakeside weekend and summer home was designed to take full advantage of the waterfront site on the shores of Geneva Lake in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The design incorporates age old characteristics of shingle style architecture matched with modern technology and materials, creating a charming family home ready for the modern family. The overall idea of the interior was to create a home that felt like it had been there for a century. Wade Weissmann said, “We incorporated much of the cabinetry, shelving and seating into the permanent structure, embellished by reclaimed wood, traditional wainscoting and beadboard.” The clients also dreamed of having a large porch, this inspired a massive porch wing, open on all sides with views, and a large walkout entertaining area below in close proximity to the pool and shoreline. While we can’t confirm it, a quick look on Google Maps suggests there is much more to the waterfront property than expected. Another substantial structure was constructed just east of the main house, the two structures appear to share a multitude of intertwining pathways and gardens, have access to a central swimming pool and come complete with matching dock systems on Geneva Lake. The shingle style main house was designed by Wade Weissmann Architecture with interior design by Robert Alt and Tina Simmonds. Photography by David Bader and Matt Moran. Scroll down and take a look inside this spectacular lakeside retreat! 


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