Great Northern Lodge in Montana by Centre Sky Architecture LTD (PHOTOS)

Great Northern Lodge in Montana by Centre Sky Architecture LTD

Whitefish, Montana, United States

Built on an elevated property above Whitefish and Beaver Lakes with 360 degree views, this fabulous stone and timber residence, known as Great Northern Lodge, is the work of the creative team at Centre Sky Architecture LTD. The firm was influenced by the solid stacked masonry constructed for Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park. The homeowner was adamant about designating stone as the most dominant material and selected an indigenous stone that would replicate the stone used at Sperry Chalet. According to the firm, a local quarry was secured and opened specifically to accommodate the needs to finish Great Northern Lodge. “The building’s structure is primarily constructed with an innovative and sustainable product, Autoclaved Aeriated Concrete (AAC).  AAC is a lightweight cementitious material that is impervious to fire and water damage and will contribute to the longevity of the building’s structure,” noted Centre Sky Architecture LTD. The firm selected Astec windows imported from Venice, Italy and Montana Reclaimed Lumber was selected to help procure hand hewn white oak while Centennial Timber Frames constructed the framework. 

“Creating beautiful, unique architecture and integrating a large amount of square footage into the existing topography were important influences from the onset of the project.  From the incorporation of traditional masonry forms and structural masonry arches to integrating the ‘built’ environment with the existing rock formations and site conditions.  An existing rock outcropping formed a natural gateway to the build site.  This natural feature was left intact and integrated into the signature arched entrance to the auto courtyard.  Other rock outcroppings were incorporated into the structure at several patio locations that naturally bleed into the buildings walls. A rather remarkable existing large outcropping was brought inside the structure and forms one of the walls and roof of a tunneled stair case that leads up to an office tower that sets atop the building, offering exceptional views of the architecture and surroundings.” – Centre Sky Architecture LTD. Photography by Gibeon Photography and Gravity Shots. 

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