Historic 105-Year-Old ‘Trammell Crow Estate’ In Dallas, TX Demolished (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Historic 105-Year-Old ‘Trammell Crow Estate’ In Dallas, TX Demolished

4500 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas, United States

After buying two of the most expensive homes in Dallas, Texas, billionaire Andy Beal has decided to re-list one and tear down the other. The historic 105-year-old ‘Trammell Crow Estate’ came on the market in early 2015 for a staggering $60-million. It was reduced to $46-million in September of 2015. It’s reported that Beal purchased the 6.14-acre estate for upwards of $50-million. As of yesterday the Dallas News has reported that the nearly 10,000 square foot residence has been torn down. It was designed by Illinois architect C.D. Hill in 1912 for Henry Lee Edwards who co-founded the renowned Dallas Country Club. It later sold in 1961 to real estate developer Trammell Crow and remained in the family before selling to billionaire Andy Beal. That’s when the fate of the Trammel Crow Estate was decided. Thankfully Beal did bring in DFW Pre-Demolition to salvage as much as possible. The Dallas News reported that all the fixtures in the house were for sale, hardwood flooring, cabinetry, and wood trim. Before Beal purchased the estate, one of the marketing videos for the property began with, “For the first time in over a half century, one of the most historic estates in Texas is officially for sale.” It’s upsetting that somebody who had the funds to fully restore and showcase one of Dallas’ most historic properties decided it would be better off in the dump. Andrew Beal’s networth is $10.6-billion USD. His property at 10000 Hollow Way Road is currently listed at $48.9-million. Scroll down for a tour inside what was considered one of the most historic homes in Dallas, Texas. 

Rose Baca/Staff photographer Dallas News

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