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Historic c.1886 Campbell Castle on Little Arkansas River in Wichita, KS for $3.5M (PHOTOS)

Historic c.1886 Campbell Castle on Little Arkansas River in Wichita, KS for $3.5M

1155 N River Boulevard, Wichita, Kansas, United States, 67203

A towering stone castle on the banks of the Little Arkansas River can be yours for $3,500,000. The Campbell Castle dates to c.1886 and was designed by architect Alfred Gould of Boston, MA for Colonel Burton Harvey Campbell and his wife Ellen. It was originally modelled after a Richardsonian Romanesque Scottish castle and features a host of original architectural elements and details, but maintains a warm and inviting aura that’s ideal for everyday living. While the home exudes historical charm, over three million dollars in renovations have been completed to showcase modern amenities and comfort. With a little over 15,000 square feet of space, the castle includes a show-stopping formal entry, a turret room, formal dining room, numerous formal sitting & living rooms, a solarium and commercial kitchen with adjoining butler’s pantry. There are 17 bedrooms & 19 bathrooms throughout. Dupont Castle wrote that it was owned by the Campbells until 1910 when Walter Morris purchased it. It was sold to Maye Crumm in 1960 who began calling it Crumm Castle. In 1994 the castle was purchased by Terry and Paula Lowry for $300,000 who opened a bed & breakfast in it. In 1973 the building was added to the list of United States National Register of Historic Places. It’s on the market for $3,500,000 with J.P. Weigand

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