House of Light on Lake Washington in Bellevue by Architect Olson Kundig (PHOTOS)

House of Light on Lake Washington in Bellevue by Architect Olson Kundig

Bellevue, Washington, United States

While browsing Pinterest today we stumbled upon what may be one of our new favourite architects! Project after project, we were fascinated, in awe and surprised. The detail, unique design elements and overall scale, both large and small, of each project left us excited. Olson Kundig is a firm based in Seattle but have designed homes across the country, in White Rock, BC and as far as Spain. This particular project stood out for being one of the largest private estates on Lake Washington. Property records suggest the land extends more than 2.3 acres with a vast waterfront. According to Olson Kundig, “On the landward side, the site is anchored by a 130-foot-long sculpture by Richard Serra. On the lake side, reflecting pools step down from the facade, mediating between the house and the water. A slatted metal canopy shades the interior from direct sun, while allowing glimpses of the sky through large spans of glass. Buffalo grass on the flat roof and trellises with hanging vines integrate the house and garden.” The wood, steel and glass residence was designed for a couple with a large collection of contemporary art, therefore it was important to have dedicated spaces to display various sizes of art. “Major artworks are installed in a two-story, top-lighted gallery—the luminous spine of the house—and in the airy rooms to either side. Natural illumination from a linear sky-light and clerestories is filtered through a transparent fabric scrim at ceiling level. At the east end of the gallery is a site-specific skyspace installation by James Turrell. Outside, the horizontal lines of the patio culminate in long trellises on the house; the trellises also serve to protect the artwork inside from direct sunlight. The house is reflected in the highly polished surface of a sculpture by Anish Kapoor.”



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