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Incredible 25,731 Sq. Ft. Holladay, UT Estate Home Reduced to $10.9-Million (PHOTOS)

Incredible 25,731 Sq. Ft. Holladay, UT Estate Home Reduced to $10.9-Million (PHOTOS)

Incredible 25,731 Sq. Ft. Holladay, UT Estate Home Reduced to $10.9-Million (PHOTOS)
June 17
13:41 2016

photo_19290880-1100x733 Incredible 25,731 Sq. Ft. Holladay, UT Estate Home Reduced to $10.9-Million

5987 Brentwood Drive, Holladay, Utah, United States, 84121

With a little over 25,700 square feet of living space, this palatial stone manor is one of the largest in the Holladay, Utah area and one of the most beautiful currently on the market. It’s been searching for a buyer for five years now and after numerous price reductions this dream home can be yours for $10.9-million. It was built in 2002 and after just 9 years it made its debut on the market for $15.999-million in 2011. The home sits on an impressive 1.55-acre setting surrounded by equally pleasing estate homes and enjoys breathtaking vistas of Mount Olympus in the distance. Meticulous attention has been paid to every detail, and it contains everything you could hope to find in a home of this caliber. The outside of the home is like having your own private park with its stone pathways that wind through the lush green lawn and along a gentle stream, leading to a tranquil pond at the edge of an elegant stone rotunda. Two cascading waterfalls aid in making the outdoor living space a feast for all the senses. Perfectly blending old world elegance and luxury with the comfort and convenience only available in a twenty first century property, this home will entice you with its beauty and soothe you with its serenity. A collection of expansive formal entertaining rooms are perfect for grand-scale entertaining, while a selection of more intimate spaces are suited for everyday family life. There are 4 bedroom suites throughout the residence, including a sumptuous master suite with spa-like ensuite, and a total of 9 bathrooms. Other features include a resort-style indoor pool, a lower level suited for grand entertaining, and an expansive garage. The listing suggests the home could be sold fully furnished. It’s on the market for $10.9-million with Engel & Volkers

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