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Inside Architect James F. Carter’s Brick Alabama Home (PHOTOS)

Inside Architect James F. Carter’s Brick Alabama Home (PHOTOS)

Inside Architect James F. Carter’s Brick Alabama Home (PHOTOS)
January 29
01:01 2020

Inside Architect James F. Carter’s Brick Alabama Home

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

After more than 30 years designing custom homes for clients across the United States, architect James F. Carter settled in Birmingham, Alabama, designing a stunning three-storey white-washed brick residence with classical details. Carter told OTMJ in 2018, “I wanted to express the duality of my personality – casual and formal, city and country.” The home is full of personality with lovely architectural details around every corner, antiques as well as storied family heirlooms strategically placed throughout. OTMJ also noted that Carter consulted with fellow professional Jane Hoke Bynum on the interior of the house but said he had the final say on all decisions. The same was true with the design of his garden. James revealed, “Scale and proportion are instinctive for me. I draw everything by hand, which is how solutions to challenges are best revealed. I embrace the tenets of classicism because it gives me a framework that is so pleasing.” Built-in bookcases lining an entire wall in the stairwell provide ample space to showcase prized history books and novels while details such as the octagonal dining room is a nod to the North Octagonal Room in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello according to OTMJ. You’ll find books and other reading material on display in nearly every room alongside beautiful mouldings, hardwood flooring and antique furniture. The main floor includes a beautiful kitchen, a formal dining room, library and a private master suite. There is also a living room panelled in reclaimed white oak with fireplace and French door opening to a picture-perfect view of the garden. If you’re familiar with Carter’s work then you likely won’t be surprised to see just how beautiful his personal residence is. See his full portfolio here.

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