Inside Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis’ Modern Los Angeles Farmhouse (PHOTOS)

Inside Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis’ Modern Los Angeles Farmhouse

Los Angeles, California, United States

Celebrity power couple Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis gave Architectural Digest an inside look at their six-acre property, complete with a main house connected to a guesthouse/entertainment barn. The couple started the five-year journey by creating separate Pinterest boards and were surprised to see “90 percent of the images we selected were the same”, according to Kutcher. Constructed using reclaimed wood, board-foam concrete, and glass, the couple wanted a sustainable home and ended up commissioning Howard Backen of Backen & Gillam Architects to design their abode as he is a “master of the so-called modern farmhouse”, according to Architectural Digest. Backen praised the couple and stated, “Ashton and Mila are two of the smartest, most inquisitive people we’ve ever worked with. We talked about everything from beam sizes to the details of the cross bracing to the junctures of the wood planks and concrete. These are not the kinds of conversations we have with every client.” 

Showcasing the perfect combination of glamour and rustic, the home also features interior designs by Vicky Charles of Charles & Co. as well as elements from the power couple’s previous homes. Most notable pieces include a set of custom silver throne chairs that Ashton had commissioned on a trip to India and a massive 10-foot long crystal chandelier, now homed in the entertainment barn. Entirely powered by solar panels, the property is completely sustainable and even creates more energy than required. Designed perfectly for their family, Kutcher concluded that “To feel tranquility in a space, everything needs to be in order. If the world around you isn’t in order, it’s hard to get your brain in order. When we’re in our home, the world just makes sense.” Information provided by Architectural Digest. Photography by Douglas Friedman.

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