Inside Terrell, Texas’ Restored 1883 Cartwright House (PHOTOS)

Inside Terrell, Texas’ Restored 1883 Cartwright House

505 Griffith Avenue, Terrell, Texas, United States, 75160

The Matthew Cartwright House is a historic house in Terrell, Texas. It was built in 1882-1883 for Matthew Cartwright, a rancher and banker. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since April 4, 1979. The 7,600 square foot mansion was restored to its former glory by Tom and Nancy Aldinger. Sarah Greenman profiled the couple and the home on Houzz, stating, Tom and Nancy Aldinger were happy homeowners living in Dallas with no intention of moving. Then one day in April 2006, a luxury real estate magazine crossed Nancy’s desk that changed everything. “Once Tom saw the ad for this house, it was a done deal,” Nancy says. “We took a look at the property and made an offer the next day.” Eight weeks after seeing the ad, the Aldingers were the proud owners of the Cartwright House, a grand and historic 1883 Victorian residence in Terrell, Texas, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They also bought the furniture inside, much of it original to the house. The Aldingers then worked tirelessly to restore the house to its original charm — even hiring an interior designer to pick period-appropriate colors — and to ensure it’s enjoyed by the community. “There isn’t a day that goes by without someone stopping to take a photograph of the house,” Nancy says. “It makes me feel so proud.”

Nancy told Sarah Greenman that the before photo was likely taken in the 1970s. Houzz: “One of the most needed structural betterments: steel supports to replace the sinking wood piers that held up the porches. The 25-foot entry columns had to be completely removed so a new foundation could be poured.” Nancy says, “That project alone set us back $20,000, but it had to be done.” The Matthew Cartwright House hit the market in December 2020 for $890,000 and as of March 2021 is labelled as selling for an undisclosed amount. Read the full Houzz article here. Photography by Sarah Greenman.

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