Inside the Contemporary Australian House from Hollywood Film ‘The Invisible Man’ (PHOTOS)

Inside the Contemporary Australian House from Hollywood Film ‘The Invisible Man’

New South Wales, Australia

The Invisible Man proved not only to be one of the most successful films in 2020 but also one of the highest grossing thrillers in recent times, earning upwards of $130 million against a $7 million budget. The science fiction thriller, starring Elizabeth Moss, was directed by Melbourne filmmaker, Leigh Whannell, and while it might be set in Los Angeles, it may come as a surprise that it was filmed in Australia. A Sydney landmark made its big-screen debut in the film, sending moviegoers on a wild choose chase trying to track down the modern marvel. As it turns out, the spectacular mansion featured in the film is called Headland House and it was designed by Atelier Andy Carson in New South Wales, Australia on an impressive 150 acre site.

De Zeen revealed that the striking residence was built for Beau Neilson, daughter of art patron Judith Neilson and billionaire Kerr Neilson, and her husband, Jeffrey Simpson. Built around a protected courtyard with swimming pool and fire pit, the coastal masterpiece extends in a U-shape with cantilevered rooms overlooking the coastline and surrounding farmland. Andy Carson told The Latch, “It gives me great delight to have other people incorporate Headland House into their creative work, and to see it on the big screen and on the world stage is even better.” Photography by Michael Nicholson, Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis. Headland House is also available to rent.



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