Inside Will Smith’s 25,000 Sq. Ft. Mansion on 150 Acres in Calabasas (PHOTOS)

Inside Will Smith’s 25,000 Sq. Ft. Mansion on 150 Acres in Calabasas

Calabasas, California, United States

Will Smith has certainly come a long way since life as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The actor transitioned from television to film and has starred in numerous blockbuster films grossing more than $7.5 billion at the box office. With great success came great wealth. Smith has accumulated a substantial $350 million net worth, with wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, adding another $50 million. The power couple set out to build their dream home for their family of five on a substantial 150 acre estate hidden away in Calabasas, California. Designed by Stephan Samuelson, construction began on the 25,000 square foot residence in 2003 and lasted seven years. The architect’s project page revealed, “The estate was designed to express the Owners’ aspirations of a hand-made environment that is tied to the land.  The organic architecture utilizes generously sweeping curves and atypical geometries to create a lyrical flow between spaces. The building’s aesthetic is anchored in history and the various interpretations of adobe in Persian, Moroccan, Spanish, and SW American cultures.” Architectural Digest profiled the star’s sprawling estate in the September 2011 issue. Unique details include a massive front door salvaged from a fort in northern India, a double-height living room topped with a retractable skylight, a formal dining room with rustic reclaimed ceiling beams and a fabulous gourmet kitchen with cabinetry fashioned from 19th century Nuristani oak panels. The residence also includes a meditation room, a recording studio (where Smith’s daughter Willow recorded her 2010 hit single Whip My Hair) and a screening room. The 150 acre property was designed by landscape architect Daniel Busbin and showcases a substantial free-form swimming pool, a private lake with island and gazebo, basketball court and tennis court. The Daily Mail reported in 2012 that the couple would be opening their 150 acre property to host a fundraiser luncheon for Michelle Obama with tickets ranging in price from $2,500 – $40,000. The estate was also previously on the market in February 2014 with an asking price of $42 million. Photography by Roger Davies | Architectural Digest.

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