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Magnificent West Coast Style Estate in White Rock, B.C. Reduced To $12.98-Million (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Magnificent West Coast Style Estate in White Rock, B.C. Reduced To $12.98-Million (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Magnificent West Coast Style Estate in White Rock, B.C. Reduced To $12.98-Million (PHOTOS & VIDEO)
May 07
15:54 2016

936876b29cb8fd529c4a2cf2f1205aa1Magnificent West Coast Style Estate in White Rock, B.C. Reduced To $11.388-Million

14020 Terry Road, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, V4B 1A2

A magnificent West Coast Style dream home in sunny White Rock, British Columbia has been reduced to $11.388-million CAD. It was previously on the market for $12.98-million CAD. The home was built in 2002 and designed by one of Vancouver’s most renowned architects on a 0.53-acre ocean view lot just steps to White Rock’s popular strip & iconic pier. Truly a world class property exemplifying the very best in architecture, design, & workmanship. Few properties in White Rock are built to these specifications. With a little over 7,600 square feet of living space, the home was designed to maximize ocean views with expanses of floor-to-ceiling windows and an unbelievable outdoor living room with stone fireplace. Enjoy a fabulous open plan with architectural wood windows and doors, unique large curved glass windows, custom art glass, soaring vaulted spaces, coffered ceilings, and panelled walls creating a warm, light-filled ambiance. There is a dream kitchen, steam shower, gym, state of the art home theatre, covered sky-lit terraces, open decks, and an outdoor tiled circular hot tub overlooking the spectacular ocean views. There are a total of 5 bedrooms & 6 bathrooms. All this can be yours for $12.98-million CAD $11.388-million CAD. The property is listed with Glenn Dennis.

14020 Terry Road, White Rock from Cotala on Vimeo.

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