Modern Lakefront Pavilion Residence by Hugh Newell Jacobsen (PHOTOS)

Modern Lakefront Pavilion Residence by Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States

This truly one-of-a-kind residence in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is the work of legendary architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen of Jacobsen Architecture. Jacobsen is well known in the architecture world for his modern pavilion-based designs. While the structure itself is truly a work of art, the landscape plays a big role in making this specific project stand out. Grissim Metz Andriese Associates, Inc. designed the landscape to include several major allées at the front of the property with three smaller avenues at the rear. The trees have since grown to a create a visually impressive landscape as well as providing privacy and a sense of seclusion. Simon Jacobsen was commissioned several years later to return to the property to design a large addition to the North side of the residence. It’s unknown what the addition houses but according to the floor plan below it would seem it extends from the master bedroom wing, specifically where the original master bathroom was built. It would be so interesting to see updated interior photography to compare what has remained the same and what has evolved. If you’re a fan of Jacobsen’s work, I would highly recommend picking up the 1994 hardcover book titled Hugh Newell Jacobsen Architect Recent Work 1988-1993. You’ll find well over 20 projects with site plans, floor plans and wonderful photography, including more of this one! The structure was built by Thomas Sebold & Associates with interior design by Ingles & Associates. Select photography by Balthazar Korab.


Before (left) and After (right), showing a large addition to the North side of the structure.


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