Oh Canada….5 Closets to Rent in Vancouver, BC

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$600/Month / 565 Smithe Street, Vancouver

With real estate prices out of reach for the average citizen in Vancouver, some are resorting to renting pricey closets.  This quaint den/closet is offered at $600/Month with everything included (hydro, internet, & heat).  Do closets even have heat registers?  You’ll also have access to the living room, kitchen, and bathroom in case you get a little stir crazy.

$550/Month / Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Available now is this furnished “den” with a single bed & wardrobe.  The ad says, “Room is exactly how it shows in the pic.”  It can be yours for $550/Month.

$490/Month / TV Towers on Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

This tight closet with no windows is being passed as a den in the ritzy TV Towers on Robson Street.  It can be yours for $490/Month.  The ad says, “Den has a private bed and desk.”  You can get a real sense of size when you compare the size of the room to that giant looking Corn Flakes box.

$490/Month / 688 Abbott Street, Vancouver

This furnished “den” is being advertised at $490/Month in the Firenze building on Abbott Street in Vancouver, BC.  It comes with a single bed, desk, hanger, and drawer.  The ad says, “Enough for 1 person to live in.”

$430/Month / Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC

For $430/Month you can get this roomy utility closet which is fitted with the condos electrical panels.  Perfect for those nights when the breaker goes, you’ll have easy access to switch it back on.  In addition to the $430/Month, you’ll need to pay a $215 one time damage deposit fee, you know, in case you ding the walls of the closet.

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