Pepperwood Residence in Cape Cod, MA by Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects (PHOTOS)

Pepperwood Residence in Cape Cod, MA by Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States

The owners of this wonderfully designed dream home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts originally had other plans for the property. The land previously included a small home that the owners intended on renovating and expanding to fit their needs. They ultimately decided to take it down and start over. Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects were commissioned to design a large house that would not be imposing, the result is a work of art that takes advantage of the waterfront site. Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects revealed that, “The shape of the two-storey front porch and its gambrel roof is a motif that is repeated at different scales and proportions and in many different materials. The downspout brackets, chimney cap, handrail escutcheons, door hardware, fireplace screens and tools, and some carved wood work, were all custom-made based on this motif.” The scale of the house is deceiving as you approach. The focal point is the main mass of the house with the entrance and porch, there are attached guest quarters and a bank of garages to the left and a lovely rose covered pergola to the right. 

The scale is much larger at the back, with a large central bay including the home’s large living room and master suite above. The rear terraces and staircases were created using carefully selected stonework from quarries in western Massachusetts, Indiana and India. The stone mason spent close to a year working on stonework around the property, careful attention was spent choosing a mortar that would complement the natural colours of the stone. The interiors are just as interesting as the exterior architectural design. Breakfast Woodworks, Inc. was involved in much of the interior woodworking, with hints of Gothic Revival details on the entrance staircase. There is a cherry wood study with unique dogwood art glass above the bookcases, a central dining room with one-of-a-kind cut glass doors and a pagoda-shaped painted wood fireplace separating the formal living room and dining room. The details seem to be endless in this one-of-a-kind Cape Cod residence. The residence was also the subject of a segment on New England Dream Home which can be seen below! Photography by Peter Aaron/ESTO, Randall Perry, Patrick Wiseman.




Photo by Hawk Design



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