Rent the Historic Hart Mansion for $10,000/Month

1297361980613_ORIGINALRent the Historic Hart Mansion for $10,000/Month

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Hart Mansion is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in the Patterson Heights neighbourhood.  Once owned by Stu Hart, it was home to his extensive family made world famous for their accomplishments in professional wrestling.  While no longer under ownership of the Harts, the mansion continues ro be refered to as The Hart Mansion.


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SunNews reports that in early December the current owner, Dario Berloni, signed an agreement that would declare the home as a heritage site. The 107-year old mansion is listed on and available at $10,000/month with a $15,000 security deposit.  It’s been newly renovated and comes fully furnished with six bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, workout room, and luxurious master suite.  The house was previously listed at $4,950,000.


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