Ridge House & Garage By MGA Architects (PHOTOS)

ridge_1_1 Ridge House & Garage By MGA Architects

United States

MGA Architects, “The Ridge House was designed as a piece of livable sculpture, set on an isolated hilltop with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Major spaces extend out independently towards a cliff edge like fingers from a palm. A two-story steel and glass curtain wall, shaded by a trapezoidal canopy, embraces the view. Interior details include a freestanding fireplace combining large boulders with stainless steel, as well as a cantilevered steel, wood and ballistic glass staircase. The Ridge House was an early example of sustainable design practices that focused on high performance materials and the responsible use of resources. The window system consists of triple-glazed heat-mirrored glass in a thermally broken steel window system. The stair system utilizes a stainless steel clamping system to support the glass balustrade while allowing for vertical deflection.” Photos by Marcus Gleysteen & Eric Roth.

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