SAOTA Unveils Plans for 91,000 Sq. Ft. Dubai Mansion

UAE_PalmJumeirah_1-Ext04b_9200_PJ_9300_spaout_110221_gz_SAOTA_0SAOTA Unveils Plans for 91,000 Sq. Ft. Dubai Mansion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen – a South African based architectural firm has unveiled plans to construct a sprawling 91,000 square foot modern mansion on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.  The description on SAOTA’s website reads, “Situated on the tip of the Palm Jumeirah off Dubai & looking towards the Dubai Marina this 8,500 square metre (91,493 square foot) villa is a delicate blending of classical and contemporary architecture.”  The interiors of the residence will be done by Antoni Associates, also an internationally acclaimed South African based design studio.

UAE_PalmJumeirah_3 Ext14_9300_Court2_101202_02_JL_SAOTA

The renderings show an expansive central courtyard with palm trees, ponds, waterfalls, green walls, & balconies overlooking the courtyard.  Most of the interior spaces are designed to incorporate the outdoors with expanses of walls that disappear.  Upon completion this will be one of Dubai’s largest privately owned homes.

UAE_PalmJumeirah_1 Ext15a_9200_cy01_110221_gz_SAOTA

UAE_PalmJumeirah_1 Ext12_9200_110222_playroom-2 s_GZ_SAOTA

UAE_PalmJumeirah_3 Int05_9200_Liv_001_101202_03_JL_SAOTA

UAE_PalmJumeirah_3 Int02a_9200_Liv_003_101202_02_JL_SAOTA

UAE_PalmJumeirah_1 Int09_PJ_spa_111204_01_GZ s_SAOTA

UAE_PalmJumeirah_3 Ext10a_PJ_9300_Pool_002_101201_03_JL_SAOTA

UAE_PalmJumeirah_1 Ext11_PJ_9300_Pool_003_101201_02_JL_SAOTA


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