Save Redpath Mansion from Demolition

Pictured Above in 1890

Built in 1885 & designed by Sir Andrew Taylor, the Redpath Mansion located in Montreal’s historic Golden Square Mile was once home to John Redpath’s family, founder of the sugar refinery of the same name.    It’s a rare example of the Queen Anne architecture still standing in Montreal.  The home has been under attack since 1986 when it’s current owners were issued a permit for demolition under irregular circumstances.  Major Bourque, who had no intentions to help save this historic property allowed the owners the permit.  A portion of the home was demolished before it was stopped by an injunction that ordered them to stop.  It was than requested that this home be recognized or classified as a cultural property under the Cultural Property Act.  Many years later in November 2001, Mayor Bourque decided to bend the rules by allowing the immediate demolition of the Mansion for a new 7 story luxury Condominium tower.  In 2002, the intervention of Heritage Montreal and citizens of the district reversed the decision.  Gerald Tremblay, then a candiate for mayor of Montreal used the home as a way to win office by portraying himself as a defender of the heritage building.  He’s since gone against his word and is now considering a plan to allow the demolition of this architectural gem.

The owners, the Sochacevski family, are still hoping for a demolition which is now being criticized by Project Montreal as well as Heritage Montreal.  Also getting involved is The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, as building a seven story Condominium will greatly obstruct their views from a new wing.  Yes, the Mansion has seen better days.  Yes, there are broken windows & open walls.  These are not reasons to tear down a historic property and replace it with a new luxury condominium.  It’s unfortunate the Mansion has such ungrateful owners, we need some new owners to step up and buy the home for a complete restoration.

Please show your support by adding this article to Facebook or other sites in hope that more people find out about the Mansion and are just as angry as I am.  We need to save this historic property!

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